Providing quality, affordable care to the places and people that need it most

Real Estate Developer, Facility Operator, & Capital Solutions Provider

Community Health Development Partners (CHDP) is committed to bringing high-quality recreation, wellness, and medical services to the communities who need it most. Our aim is to increase opportunities for people from different racial, cultural, and economic groups to ensure all communities have access to the same unique services. Our expertise in healthcare, real estate development, recreation management, and capital solutions allow us to develop and operate state-of-the-art community-focused campuses and centers across the country. 

Access to recreational, wellness and healthcare services, is a significant problem for members of low-income, rural and medically underserved communities. Studies show that members of these communities are more prone to serious illness and preventable disease and death. Without a quality healthcare infrastructure, these communities simply cannot get healthier. Without a healthy community, education, advancement and prosperity become even more difficult to achieve.

We Lead Locally

CHDP believes that every individual’s health is strongly influenced by the community that surrounds them. By prioritizing collaboration with local residents, civic leaders and medical professionals, we work tirelessly to ensure that each community’s unique healthcare needs and preferences are met.

We Create Choice

The high cost of expanding healthcare infrastructure is one of the primary barriers to creating new options for care. CHDP crafts unique financing solutions to help communities overcome financial obstacles, attract additional capital, and turn their visions for state-of-the-art facilities into reality.

We Care Inclusively

Making healthcare more accessible to low-income individuals, people of color, rural communities and vulnerable populations is our top priority. With a nationwide network of real estate development, financing and healthcare partners, CHDP is positioned to help specialty care and surgery providers establish a presence where they are most needed.

Our Partner Nonprofit

CHDP’s efforts are augmented by the work of its partner nonprofit, the Community Health Development Foundation (CHDF).

CHDF facilitates community engagement and promotes preventative care by sponsoring advocacy and educational programs that extend the reach of CHDP-developed facilities.